Q: How can I pay for subscription?

A: At the moment, EasyBuilder.Pro accepts two options of payments: major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) and PayPal.

Q: What currency does EasyBuilder.Pro accept for subscriptions?

A: If you are paying with a credit card, the prices will be quoted in US dollars, but if your card account is in a different currency, it is not a problem: the amount will be automatically converted to your account currency.

If you are paying via PayPal, you can use any of the currencies that are shown in the currency box on the top right corner of the screen. Whatever your PayPal account currency is, it will be converted into your account currency at processing.

Q: How can I get better value on my subscription?

A: By selecting a longer service plan, you can get a better monthly rate.

Q: What will happen to my website if I forget or stop paying the subscription fee?

A: If the subscription is not extended and is allowed to expire, the websites created with this account will be suspended and unavailable for viewing online. For one month after the account is suspended, you still can reactivate it by extending the subscription (press Extend button to initiate the sequence).

Q: How can I cancel subscription?

A: To cancel the subscription, create a support ticket and our support team will execute your request. Alternatively, you can delete your websites and let the subscription expire without extension payment.

Q: How can I upgrade my plan from Free Trial to Premium or eCommerce?

A: Click Upgrade button on Top Left menu on the status bar in your Dashboard.

Q: How can I downgrade my subscription plan from eCommerce to Premium.

A: Yes, you can. Just click on Manage Subscription button in the Dashboard and change your Subscription Plan.

Q: How can I download an invoice of my payment?

A: Please, click on Order History in your Dashboard Left Menu. Select the order record of your choice, and press „Download“ button.